Send Your Photo


“Outfit Evaluation”


“Hair or Makeup Evaluation”

Have you ever wondered how to easily improve the look of your outfit? Or your hair? Or your makeup? You want it to look better, but just don’t know how to do it. I can help!

  • Send me up to 4 photos.
  • Tell me where you will be going.
  • For “Outfit Evaluations” please include your height and size range.
  • I will evaluate each element of your outfit, hair, or makeup and send you a “rating” and a list of suggestions for improvements.

It’s like Photoshop – only better – because it’s for your “real” life!


$20 per Outfit Evaluation – you may send up to 4 photos of each outfit


$10 per Hair or Makeup Evaluation – you may send up to 4 photos

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