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Janet 2What would it be like

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a Style Consultant?

Now you can find out … for only $10 or $20!

Working with me is fun, I promise!  Many people think it might be intimidating, or they think I’m going to criticize them.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I’m here to help you find ways to look your best quickly, easily, and for any occasion. If you are a man or woman who is busy with much more important things than the way you look, please contact me.  I can help you look your best and make those first impressions count, so that you can go about the more important things in your life.  Our appearance isn’t the most important thing … it is often the first thing … and it is something that can easily be changed.

Sometimes a very subtle change will make a big difference.  When you change the way you look, you change the way people perceive you.  When you change the way people perceive you, you change your life. Our appearance is as a form of communication.  What are you communicating now?  Do you know?  If you do know, is it what you intended to communicate?  You decide.  My job is to help you achieve it.

Yes, you can look your best, love your clothes, love your hair, love your makeup.  Or, at least no longer have to wonder what impression they are making.  I will help you look authentic – so that “who you are” is consistent with “how you look”.

I have made my Online Style and Image Consulting services very affordable.  Please give them a try!  One of my Online Services that is becoming very popular is called:  “Send Your Photo” for either an “Outfit Evaluation” or for a “Hair and Makeup Evaluation” — and it’s only $20 to have your outfit evaluated, and only $10 for your hair or makeup to be evaluated !  If you like the results, and I believe you will, our next step together could be for a variety of things.  I can work with you “Online” or “In-Person” for things like color analysis, closet evaluations, and shopping trips.  Please click onto the blue links on this page for more information.

My goal is to help you look your best.  First impressions are important.  Feeling confident about our appearance is even more important. When you look your best it is easier to feel your best.  When you feel your best it is easier to be your best and do your best.

I look forward to working with you soon!

– Janet

Janet Spangler
Style Consultant
Image Consultant
Certified Coach (CPC)
Trainer at ImageAwareness ACADEMY
Creator COLORSmadeEasy Personal Palette System™
Founder ImageAwareness CENTER



About Janet Spangler

An Image Consultant for over 20 years, Janet Spangler’s clients have included men and women in the public eye who understand the importance of a first impression.  She also enjoys working with anyone who is looking for a functional wardrobe that is quick, easy, and makes them look and feel their best.  Her clients range from stay-at-home moms and dads to corporate executives, national politicians, fashion models, pageant winners, and everyone in-between.  Janet trains others to be Image Consultants at the ImageAwareness ACADEMYCOLORSmadeEasy is the innovative system of color analysis that she created, which is currently being used by Image Consultants around the world.  Janet also created Style ELEMENTS, which gives customized information about texture, print, and ten other “Elements” to help you look your best.  She has walked the catwalk for Nordstrom, is a former Mrs. Washington United States, and currently conducts seminars and workshops on the subject of Color, Style, and The Language of Dressing.  What she enjoys most about being an Image Consultant is when her clients tell her “I like what I see when I look in the mirror!”

Some of her experiences include:  radio broadcaster, fashion model for Nordstrom and other retailers, ballroom dance instructor, magazine photo-stylist, Graduate Assistant for the Dale Carnegie Course on Public Speaking and Human Relations, Certified Personal Coach (CPC) and Keynote speaker.

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