Searching for your best colors?  Here’s how to find them!

There are three ways to discover your best colors:


The ColorsmadeEasy Personal Palette System™ has taken personal Color Analysis to a new level. This revolutionary new system takes you out of a  box and frees you to experience your own, unique grouping of colors.

Color Analysis that’s fast, easy, customized and most of all accurate.

That’s COLORSmadeEasy™.

You are unique!  Your most flattering group of colors is also unique!

colorsmadeeasy, productsYou could be a…

  • Bright Winter
Clear, Contrasting Winter
  • Light, Bright Spring
  • Deep Spring
  • Complex Autumn
  • True, Warm Autumn
  • Refined Summer
  • Cool, Contrasting Summer
  • True Mild

…or one of more than 400 other variations!


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